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Educational Background

Some of my background here. I have over 1,000 Hours in massage therapy and continuing education (CE) clocked thus far and hoping to add to it as time goes on.

702 hr Certified Massage therapy

276 hr Transformational Neuromuscular Therapy Training

76 hr Thai Massage Training

7 hr Intro to Biodynamic craniosacral Therapy

3 hr Lymphatic CE

IIN Health Coaching Certification

17 Credits CE |  IIN Hormone Specific Specialized Course CE 

Locations Studied

-Mountain Heart School of Bodywork & Transformational Therapy | Crested Butte CO 

-School of Inner Health | Online (Denver CO)

-David Roma | Thai Massage | Telluride CO & Gunnison CO

-IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) | Online / NBHWC

-ABMP CE | Online

Continuing Ed coming up;

June 2024; Cranial Sacral Level 1 | Upledger Institute 

My Story

Hey there,

I'm Rachael a long time local to the Roaring Fork Valley.  

I am striving to make massage and wellness accessible for everyone!  I am personally on my own wellness mission, and I invite you to start your journey as well.


Health and wellness is a journey and doesn’t change over night. Self care is a full time job and shifts and changes pretty consistency.

Learning to love the process is part of the fun!


A little bit about me;

I grew up in mountains of Colorado,  I love to get out and explore and see new places is only one of my passions.  Getting to where I am now has been quite the exploration.  So, I’ve had gut issues since I was little and  have been actively working on it for the last 10+ years of my life.  I finally feel like my internal and external self is coming into balance.  Becoming a Massage Therapist & Health Coach has dramatically changed my life in more ways than one.  Finding balanced not only physically, but mentally as well. Creating healthy boundaries and energetically owning what I need as a individual, has been huge!  Don’t get me wrong, I am still learning everyday and exploring different opportunities.


Going into this field of work, I feel as if I'm making a difference not only helping my clients find balance in their life, but I have also found a greater joy in the every day for myself.  Being more grateful in every breath, moment, and feeling. Learning and flowing with the day to day. I am hoping to reach people that want start their wellness journey.  Helping people know that change and balance is possible.  


Creating better habits and routines can make the difference.

Letting go of what may not serve you anymore opening yourself up to possibles.


Regular body-work can be so beneficial in this journey.  It’s so much more than just a special occasion, muscular work, or just because!  I'm pairing  bodywork and health coaching together to offer people custom sessions built just for them. For an inside and out, mentally and physically balanced self.  I'm always collaborating and reaching out to like minded people knowing I’m just one part of the puzzle.  


This is a bit about my story and falling in love with taking care of myself. 

Whats your story?  What does your health journey look like?  What if it was accessible?

That feel good, look good, & move good feeling!

So how do we find the balance?  Work, play, & other?

Being a better human, the healthiest, strongest, well rounded human we can be. 

So what is your story?  What does the balance look like to you?


Hours may vary,

but I keep my calendar 

up to date for online bookings.


Feel free to book directly with me as well.

Call or text me with inquires.





  • Office Location

715 grand ave unit 3 

Glenwood Springs CO 81601

  • In home Massage | Out Calls

  • Crystal Dreams B&B (Located in Redstone CO)


I also offer massage to select hotels and small businesses. 

(Inquire to find out more!)

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Main Office is located in Glenwood Springs CO. 

715 Grand Ave
Office #3
Glenwood Springs CO. 8160

Located by the bridge downtown.  Upstairs to the Italian Underground.

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