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Hand Massage

Therapeutic Massage

30, 45, 60, 90, and 2 hr

massage session available 

Therapeutic sessions are designed to meet the individuals goals.

What does Therapeutic mean?


It's referring too treating each session to what ever is going on with the client.  Each session could look different depending on what's going on with them at that time.  

Therapeutic encompasses may of my modalities that I practice.


Deep Tissue



Cranial Sacral

Thai incorperation

& More....


Lymphatic Massage Detox

60 min Massage Session


(Manual Lymphatic Drainage)

This is a style of massage that helps clear the Lymphatic system which is the detox system of your body.


This session includes a take home dry brush.  (If you have one you can bring it from home)

I also will show you how to use it at home for your self care routine.

This is a very effective but also a light style of massage targeting the lymphatic system specifically.

Abdominal Massage

This Abdominal Massage is exactly what is sounds like. 


I work the abdominal area.

Targeting organs, and digetsive system.

Using a full 10 min I warm everything up then dive deeper. Working the, digestive system, settling nervous system, Vegas nerve settling, Organ targeting, as well as muscles that are in stomach and deeper.

Such as Poas and Illicus muscle that sometimes can be linked to back pain.


 This is a great session if you are hoping to detox a little or just get things moving.


This is a 10 min session currently since it's a focused session. 


If you ware hoping to try it out or learn more ask your therapist about it today!

Pre-Natal Massage

30,45, 60 & 90 min sessions


This pregnancy massage is so awesome for helping the body with it's transitions while carrying your child.  

Using different styles for relaxation, pressure relief, muscle tension, and circulation.  Just to name a few! 

This gives relief to the back, hips, legs, and neck.  Full body relaxation!

If this sounds appealing for your whole pregnancy and after! Check out my offering of the Moon Ray package.

"For you and your growing family."


Use this package; for yourself, your partner, and the baby!

Health Coaching

A health coach;

Helps you design a health and wellness plan that works for you. You and I (your health coach) will create a personalized health plan that will take you from where you are currently to where you want to be with your overall health and wellness goals.

I use a combination of Massage therapy and health coaching as part of my style creating unique sessions.  



-Facial massage

-Abdominal massage

-Rosemary foot lotion 

-Aromatherapy blends

-Dry Brushing Lymphatic system

Things to Note:

Pricing Differences 

My Pricing may fluctuate depending on the location in the Roaring Fork Valley. Referring to any and all mobile massages.  


Adjusting my prices to fit competitive pricing here in the roaring fork valley. 

Please reach out if you have any questions on this. I still want to make massage therapy and wellness assessable to everyone!

Event, Businesses, & Parties

I am offering massage through out the valley and beyond.

Having an event, wedding, or party and wanted to offer something for friends, family, or employees? 

This can be a really fun, wellness offering for any occasion!


  Setting up outside or inside.  Chair, or Table options. 


I also have an option to set up a lotus tent in collaboration with a massage therapist based in Crested Butte CO.

For Businesses; inquire about some discounted punch passes for employees to come and use




Main office located in Glenwood Springs.

715 Grand Ave Unit #3 

I also offer: 

In home massage | mobile massage

Locations include:

Glenwood Springs | New Castle | Carbondale | Redstone | Willits | Basalt

Snowmass | Aspen 

......And beyond. 


Are of course options and the price may reflect these locations Understandably!

Specialty selected locations are:

Crystal Dreams B&B (CO)

For Guests & Visitors

(Redstone / Marble area)

Marble Distillery (Carbondale CO)

Guest only

8th St Retreat Air B&B (Carbondale CO)

Guests only

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